The Hunger Games : )

Okay, guys. This book is probably one of the best books you will ever read. But that's just my opinion. This book was so full of suspense and drama and twists that I almost missed church because I got lost in the time. Suzanne Collins is a very creative writer who can write paragraphs you will want to memorize and repeat to your friends. Or maybe that's just me. Hat's off to Mrs. Collins!

Set in the future after a great revolution, The Hunger Games is a first- person suspense about a teenager named Katniss who lives in "the Seam". This means she is very poor and can barely afford to pay for food. If it weren't for her good hunting ability (which happens to be illegal) she and her mother and sister would have died. Plus, she has to put her name in a drawing. In the time of Katniss, when you turn eleven you have to put your name in a drawing to be a tribute in the Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games, there are two tributes in each district, and there are 12 districts. The tributes are transported to the Capitol (basically Washington D.C.) to be prepared to go to the arena. Where they are supposed to fight the other tributes for their lives. The last one left is the winner. Want to know what they get? Their lives. This is supposed to show that everyone is under the power of the Capitol. Well, at the ceremony of the drawing, which is called the reaping, Katniss's little sister's, Prim, name is drawn. But there can be volunteers. So Katniss volunteers just to keep her sister alive. In a tale of twists and turns and scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Collins weaves a story of love and hate, life and death. Winning and losing.

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the book.


Happy Birthday!!

What, did you think i was going to skip celebrating my birthday? Well, my birthday is tomorrow! Same as Inependence Day. But I just want to say that I hope i have a good one...

YAY!! So... Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, etc.


The Hawk and the Jewel :)

Whoa! I loved this book! I'm a Christian, so I read this book and instantly LOVED it! Lori Wick is and astouding author. I've read many of her books, but this one seems to be the best! It's full of well- developed characters and exiting settings. From India to England, this book captures your attention like no other!

Sunny Gallager and her family went on a boat trip when she was just a one-year-old. But not all of them returned. A big storm came and wiped the boat out and Sunny and her mother were swept to the shores of India. The ruler there,Ahmad, found them and brought them to his castle. He liked Sunny so much that when her father came looking for her, Ahmad hid her. 13 YEARS LATER Shani, Ahmad's adopted daughter, is from England. She's known it all along, but didn't know her family was alive. Until now. Ahmad, the ruler, realizes that Shani has grown enough to know the truth. That she is really Sunny Gallager. In the next half of the book, Sunny is adapting to life in England and her "new" family. There is also a bit of a love story in there for all of you who might like that. But over all, this was a well- planned out book that i absolutely fell for after the first five pages. Enjoy!


Schooled : )

Sorry I don't have a picture, but at least I can review the book. Schooled was a brilliantly written book written by a respected author. At least im my opinion. Ha ha. Written by Gordan Korman, this book shows what it means to be truly strong.

Capricorn is a boy who, after being in a commune for all his life, has to go to a real school after his grandmother, Rain, falls out of a tree and breaks her hip. It is at the school that Cap realizes that he has missed out on a lot. Like tv, lockers, P.A. systems, and even money. Life as a "hippie" was hard. But as Cap goes through 8th grade, he begins to understand it all. He then gets in trouble for doing something with the school's dance budget. But you'll have to read the book to find out how.

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Pretties : )

This is the next book in the Uglies series. I loved the way Westerfeld created twists at every page. I never wanted to put it down. It was that fascinating. I couldn't believe the way he made it seem like the end was near, then changed it at the last second. More props!!!

The book starts out in New Pretty Town after Tally Youngblood gave herself up to Special Circumstances. She is now a pretty- basically what you are called after MAJOR plastic surgery. She is still friends with Shay, a thrill- seeking pretty. Tally is also a Crim. A Crim is someone who does stuff like going up in hot- air balloons and jumping off of buildings- with bunjee jackets of ocurse. There is a special guy in Tally's little group of friends. His name is Zane. Zane knows there is something wrong with the system and wants to change it. i can't tell you hte ending, but I will tell you it is filled with action, betrayal, and something like comatose. But I'm not giving any more information about it. You have to read to find out.




Wow!! What a ride!! This book was so good, it was hard to put down. Filled with action, friendship, and love, Westerfeld has absolutely outdone himself! This book was easy to read, yet it kept you thinking about it for days on end. Props to the author. I read it in two days and loved every minute of it!! Sadly, it ended and it took my two weeks to get the second book. That was bad!

Fifteen-year-old Tally Youngblood has waited all her life to be a pretty. A gorgeous person due to an operation when you are sixteen. But one night she sneaks away to see her friend- who is already a pretty- and her life is never the same. She meets a girl named Shay. Shay is not a typical "ugly"- that is what they call people before the operation- Shay creates mischief. Tally later learns that Shay knows about a place called "the Smoke". It is a place no one knows about until now. And now Tally has reveal what she knows or not have the operation!!! What will she do?? A great novel that is filled with suspense, Uglies will keep you wanting for the second in the series. Pretties. The review will soon appear for that. But until then, good bye and remember, there is always a book out there to read!!!

A Little Bit About This

Okay, this blog is not going to be political, frilly, or for nothing. It is going to be about books... That is why it is called "The Review". Simple, yet bold. So, to start this off, I am going to tell you what this will be about.
I will tell you how I liked it... If I even liked it... haha... I will tell you one thing, though. If the title has a smiley face beside it, :), then I liked it. I am very open to your opinions on my reviews, but please... no, I am telling you this... NO CUSSING!!!! That is the only rule I have besides have fun and enjoy!!!! Peace be to ya!!!!