Pretties : )

This is the next book in the Uglies series. I loved the way Westerfeld created twists at every page. I never wanted to put it down. It was that fascinating. I couldn't believe the way he made it seem like the end was near, then changed it at the last second. More props!!!

The book starts out in New Pretty Town after Tally Youngblood gave herself up to Special Circumstances. She is now a pretty- basically what you are called after MAJOR plastic surgery. She is still friends with Shay, a thrill- seeking pretty. Tally is also a Crim. A Crim is someone who does stuff like going up in hot- air balloons and jumping off of buildings- with bunjee jackets of ocurse. There is a special guy in Tally's little group of friends. His name is Zane. Zane knows there is something wrong with the system and wants to change it. i can't tell you hte ending, but I will tell you it is filled with action, betrayal, and something like comatose. But I'm not giving any more information about it. You have to read to find out.


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